Error: Layout default margin settings are too small

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Susan Spencer created an issue

Top and Left margins are too small. They should be set to .25" (0.635cm) This will improve the user experience. The default margin settings are currently .353cm or 1/8":

  • Top 0.3530cm
  • Left 0.3530
  • Right 1.2700
  • Bottom 0.9530

The minimum printer margin for many printers ranges from 0.2" to 0.25", or 0.508cm to 0.635cm. Some printers have an additional default value of printing to fit, so their printouts won't be clipped but will be a few millimeters too small.

Printouts on my inkjet today were clipped, I wasn't printing to my plotter where I manually set .5" margins. I assumed the default values were in the range of "works for most". To troubleshoot the clipped images, I focused on the the displayed layout. I spent several hours debugging... LOL!

So if I didn't notice, many people won't notice either and will wonder why their printouts are either clipped or a bit too small.

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  1. Susan Spencer reporter

    Yeah I deleted the file after I found the problem was the top & left margin default settings were smaller than most printer's default margins.

  2. Susan Spencer reporter

    Please increase the default values for the margin settings to be 0.25inch or 0.635centimeter

  3. Susan Spencer reporter

    The Top and Left margins are too small. The minimum acceptable margin in 0.635cm or 0.25inch. They are currently 0.3530cm, nearly half the width they should be.

  4. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    I assumed the default values were in the range of "works for most".

    Exactly as it is. :) The default values produce for you a default printer in your system. See method QMarginsF VSettings::GetDefFields().

    But i begin thinking your issue is similar to issue #549. Problems here is not values, but rather bug in program.

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