Forum: Resolve nginx issues in Discourse and Digital Ocean

Issue #550 resolved
Susan Spencer created an issue

The Forum stopped working Sat Aug 20 about 19:30 CDT (-5UTC) after upgrading the Discourse version.

The upgrade was flagged in the admin panel as a problem to be fixed. Clicking the 'upgrade discourse' button was all that was required.

The error is '502 Gateway nginx', which means that there is an nginx service issue on our VM at DO.

Inspection of VM showed that nginx is not installed on our DO. Installed nginx, etc. No joy.

Submitted trouble ticket to DO at 22:00 CDT.

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  1. Susan Spencer reporter

    The forum is back up. There were issues with docker after the upgrade, and couldn't roll back successfully to previous version.

    So we reloaded the forum from backups of 7 days ago. Everyon's super fantastic comments from the last 7 days are gone. But we're up, and we won't be upgrading Ubuntu or Docker or Discourse or Nginx or Upstart anytime soon! :D

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