Wrong measurement on a A4 tilled pattern generated by valentina

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fabrice salvaire created an issue

On the attached trouser pattern, I found a width of 23 cm instead of 24 cm at the bottom of the trouser on the A4 tiled layout (pantalon-v5.pdf) generated by valentina v4.3 and v5a, this part is located on page 3 and 4. I found errors in both directions, but the assembled pattern looks right since the lines matched all together.

I checked the right dimension on the svg output, thus I suspect a tilling issue or a lake of understanding on the way to cut and assemble the sheets. Up to know I cut the border tagged by a scisor and joined sheets on the dashed lines, which makes an overlap of 1cm in addition to the printing margin.

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  1. fabrice salvaire reporter

    I did further investigation using a test pattern and a I discovered Okular PDF viewer apply a scaling when printing.

    I will provide a patch adding a rule on tiled PDF.

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