Error 1003

Issue #648 resolved
lamia clara created an issue

Everytime I try to switch in the "detail mode" i get this error "QWin Font Engine unable to query transformed glyphs metrics (Get Glyph Outline failed error 1003"

I use Valentina Version 0.4.5 My operating System is Windows 8 64bit

I didn't use Measurements 'cause it was my first try with valentina last night. So I added my measurements in every individually line and point, just to try the software out. It worked very well 'til I get the error..

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Look like you zoomed to much. This is very well bug on Windows. We made changes in version 0.5.0 to prevent this. I don't have plans to release fix for branch 0.4.x.

    Can you open your file after the crash?

  2. lamia clara reporter

    I can open the file but only in the draw mode, when I try to switch into detail mode, even if I didn't zoomed, i get the error. (sorry, my english is bad) - where can I get version 0.5.0? does it exist for windows 8? I only have the possibility to download 0.4.5...

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