New feature: Sterile pattern.

Issue #655 new
Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner created an issue

Add new feature "sterile" pattern. This feature allow users to hide sensitive information about used formulas. Output pattern will lost ability to grade.

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  1. Susan Spencer

    This feature allows users to save a pattern as a different file? Can you describe how this works?

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi reporter

    Yes, user will save result as independent file.

    I propose to provide several options:

    • Replace measurements.
    • Replace increments.
    • Replace internal variables.
    • Replace functions.
    • Replace a formula entirely.

    By replace i mean replacing name by value.

    Depend on level of sterilization a user will left some level of parameterization or not.

  3. Roman Telezhynskyi reporter

    Can you provide details about this feature?

    Sterile pattern is just a file that lost part of information. I am talking about rewriting formulas, replacing formulas by values or variables by their names.

    Will the user export to sterile pattern?

    No. It is not export. It is still a .VAL file, but cleaned from part of sensitive information about formulas. The file will lose gradation.

    Will the user open a pattern that is locked in 'sterile mode'?

    You can open a pattern in Valentina as usual.

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