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legija created an issue

With very complicated drafts I'm beginning to run into this trouble;

Let's say you have an assymetric pattern;

  • You have linings drawn in.
  • You want to print/plot/mark the opposite side.
  • You flip by point
  • You end up with a properly mirrored drawing, but:
  • There's no option to color so everything is black
  • You have to re-add the lines since they can not be flipped
  • All labels go haywire as they're aligned as you would see them on the other side, causing them to be unreadable
  • For smaller details a suffix is good, but with larger details you end up with extremely long names (chestdarttop_mir_right instead of just chestdarttop)
  • when you add a point you need to re-flip. deleting the flip takes time as sometimes you miss a line and can not delete, so you add suffix _mir_right2
  • Conclusion; it becomes a mess.

In draw mode, I personally don't need to see the flipped drawing. I have everything colored according to side, so a simple "mirror detail" would suffice to give me asymetric patterns in layout.

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    What is easy for you will became super complicated for me. So, not gona happened.

    Instead we should analyze your case and find what could be improved. Create a thread on the forum.

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