Curve's problem with seam allowance tool

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PtiCam created an issue

Hello, Firstly i'm sorry if my english langage isn't good. I'm a french user of Valentina. If I send you, it's because i've a real problem with the program. I'm a user of valentina_0.4.5_i386 the lastest version i've find also. The bug i've find is like when i want to use "seam allowance tool" and i select curves (after i've select my first curve point and before the last) it's looks like ok in the open windows but when i'm going to see the mode for working with details. I see only straight lines like curve doesn't exist. I hope you understand my problem and if you need more informations about the bug you can contact me at: Thank you,

Camille Delbeke

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    @PtiCam, go to forum to find help for your version. You can use French there if you wish. But i strongly recommend you to update to newer version 0.5.0.

  2. Susan Spencer

    Click on the green Download button on our webpage ( You can download the current release version (v.0.5.0) or the unstable weekly build version (v.0.6.0).

    You should download the current release v.0.5.0! Then join our forum (https:/ to ask your questions. If your forum posts reveal that a Bitbucket issue should be created, we'll let you know to create an issue here. We look forward to discussing Valentina with you on the forum.

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