Improve working with measurements. Add fetch templates.

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Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner created an issue

Some users create only one file with all measurements per client. But when you create a pattern you usually don't need all of them at once. And because of this searching in such big list becoming time consuming.

I propose special fetch template. Such template will contain only measurement names, but not values. It will be connected to source file and will get values from it. Valentina will see it as normal measurements file.

Of course template is not editable and all changes will go to source file.

Idea came from the forum thread.

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  1. Susan Spencer

    We discussed this feature several years ago. It is something that has been needed.

    Templates in general should be improved, similar to how the multisize tables are currently being improved.

    At this point we have use cases for how measurements and templates are used, and forum posts describing users' issues and preferences, the Templates feature can be addressed in a design meeting.

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi reporter

    We discussed this feature several years ago.

    Sorry, completely do not remember. :(

  3. Susan Spencer

    Back in the Google group, in July 2015, we had some threads about this. I could find one example, in a summary email from the forum. Not all threads from the Google group were successfully xferred to this forum. The original intent was to have a template which acted as a filter, which links to a measurement file which contained the values. This original concept was changed, and I believe the reasoning was so that it would work better with Transifex. At this point, I think we understand how to create templates as filters (not to create new measurement files) and still use Transifex.

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