new user, cannot open standard measurements

Issue #740 duplicate
Loretta created an issue

I cannot open the standard measurements table as an error pops up on the screen (picture attatched)Screenshot (2).png.png)

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Can you please post your .VST file here or send me another way if it is secret information?

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    To fix your file goes to folder and add extension .lnk to each file you cannot open. These files are not measurements, they are broken links. The bug you reported was fixed. It will be part of release 0.5.1.

  3. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    All you need is to rename file template_all_measurements.vit to template_all_measurements.vit.lnk as soon as you do that Windows automatically recognize the file as a shortcut to correct file.

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