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Create organized library of patterns.

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  1. Susan Spencer

    We need a simple way to organize saved patterns. Organized patterns = Library.

    Add search tags to each pattern to enable a user search function. A search for 'jeans' brings up all patterns for jeans. User can then choose which pattern to load. The user can then make changes to that pattern, or Save As to a different filename and make changes. Need an radio button to save a pattern as 'read-only' to prevent inadvertent changes. When the pattern is loaded, the radio button can be de-selected if the user would like to make changes.

    Perhaps we need some free read-only pattern blocks which are downloadable with Valentina.

    Would you like me to add these comments to the Issue? Would you like me to create new Issues for 1.) free read-only pattern blocks 2.) read-only radio button 3.) pattern search tags & GUI search field

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Where you have been when we tried find idea for GSOC? :)

    Yes, i like idea about read-only pattern. This is very useful option. For this need add tag in pattern file, radio button in option and button on toolbar for quick access?

    I think need create special window for library search. In program add option with path to library. Also left old way open pattern file. Add in menu file option library.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Libray of patterns requires additional descriptor and category tags in pattern files. These tags would be used for search and browse functions in the application.

    Include pictures, text, photos (3 - front, back, side) Search text name and descriptors Browse categories of patterns

    Parse collection to create index like music player Create special file to show in "pattern player" Create single .zip file per pattern which contains all files for pattern

  4. Susan Spencer

    This feature allows a designer to organize and select their patterns locally (not on the pattern share website).
    This feature will enable a designer to add tags to their pattern, and the patterns will be grouped by tags, and the user can visually select patterns from the groups.

    If a designer uploads tagged patterns to the pattern share website, the pattern's tags will be used in the pattern share's search feature.

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