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I have a need to have the pattern instructions integrated to Valentina file. Valentina allows modifying the the pattern by changing parameter. There is a need to maintain the parameter information somehow. Also it would be handy to have the pattern specs and sewing instructions included with the pattern. Having this information in separate files and zip/unzip those all the time is not easy. Having to possibility to attach a pdf file to Valentina file would be handy (like the image).

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    There is an idea to add comments for each tool. So, you could describe your steps. So, there is two possible ways:

    • Generate specification from the file itself. You will left pieces of informations here and there. This is like documenting a source code.
    • Another way is just like you said, simple insert a pdf file. Maintaining such a file and keeping it actual will be a separate task.

    Of course it is possible to have both.

    What do you think?

  2. Timo Virtaneva reporter

    I would prefer a pdf file, because in production I need following information in the document. - Description of the pattern - Modification instructions with pictures - Table with calculation of the materials, work - Contact information of the sources - Pictures or Drawings of the pattern or for sewing instructions

    The idea is to have a complete package in the file - Instructions how to measure and modify the pattern - purchasing instructions - sewing instructions

    Many times is not the same person to do all the phases. Also when I'm sewing I cannot use computer, but printed paper works fine.

  3. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Okay, good point. See, i have another thing i want to discuss. Right now i try to keep a pattern format as plain text file. This make it possible to save it in VCS systems like mercurial, git or subversion. There is another approach. The way of LibreOffice, where a format it is a bunch of different files zipped together. Right now we use same approach as SVG - insert files into. And i want to hear your thoughts about this.

    Because we load whole file into memory and parse it, inserting a big file inside of pattern, especially unrelated to drawing, may cause us troubles in future.

    How urgent is this feature for you?

  4. Timo Virtaneva reporter

    It is not very urgent, but important. In MAC many sw packages uses bundles. Just a collection of files bundled in to one package, which user can manipulate (copy, move etc).

    I would rather have this kind of bundle than import binary in to the text file.

    I don't know, if this kind of bundle is possible in cross platform environment. If it is, the Valentina should hide the complexity from the user and behave as the files are in the Valentina file. The bundle file could have totally different file extension.

  5. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Yes, probably we should develop new container. Let me think. This is also very important feature for me.

  6. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Don't want to be annoying, but i really want to know your thoughts. How about instead of zipping create sort of project folder? Just regular folder, you can put there what you need: measurements, pattern file, documentation, license etc. We even could provide special project spec file. For example set there options Valentina should use to open a pattern and so on.

  7. Timo Virtaneva reporter

    The basic need is to collect all the files in to one entity and avoid manual zipping.

    To have everything in one container helps the pattern management. Currently I store the pattern files in to OneNote. I have there separate page for customer and all stored pattens with date and comments. Sometimes there might be 3 versions of the same garment stored. It is very important to have previous version to track back the changes I have done. The OneNote is external backup at the same time I can access the information with different computers.

    I have tried with subfolders and zipping. I does not work, because both the subfolder and zip exists at the same time. After few iterations I have to check which one is the latest.

    The best I have come with is a solutions, where the files are in one entity and Valentina can load the save the pattern file in it. The rest of the files can be managed separately.

  8. Timo Virtaneva reporter

    Good article. No need to invent the wheel again. No zipping.

    The need remains. I hope that we can find some solution. I try to look on this.

  9. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    This is exactly about zipping. The author is right when says:

    If you want to zip and unzip files within your Qt application, you will discover a world of pain in front of you >_<

    This is the reason why i avoided this thing all this time.

  10. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    But now we have a hope. :) It is time to grown up and meet my fears.

    Again, zipping is probably the best solution.

  11. Former user Account Deleted

    Perhaps Valentina can create a special 'Bundle' for export. Or for 'archival' purposes.

    Keep the .val file format as-is. Plain text -- to benefit from VCS etc. Keep only the URIs to the external documents within the pattern. They will be specific to the patternmaker's system.

    Then when exporting a bundle from Valentina, that would include the linked files inside the ZIP file as RO suggests. Understandably, zipping from within QT seems to be problematic at the moment. Are there other cross-platform formats worth investigating? TAR if compression isn't essential?

    Worst case scenario, I can imagine a bash script that parses the .val file for external links and creates a bundle. There's bash on Windows, right? RIGHT? ;)

    (/me runs)

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