Make all curves "Curved Path" and eliminate "Simple Curves"

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legija created an issue

I propose to eliminate "simple curve" from Valentina.

Why? Sometimes through bad planning or change of philosophy about a pattern, a user may want to change a simple curve into a curved path.

Right now this is almost impossible unless you know how to hack the .val file.

I propose therefore to delete the "Simple Curve". A Simple Curve can be Curved Path with only 2 points. This would be much more flexible and allow the designer/patternmaker a lot more freedom. If later the user wants to add a point to the Curved Path with 2 points, he can do so and make it a 3 point curve.

We would also need to find a way to give user the ability to add points to a Curved Path after the Curved Path is already made.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    After long consideration, I'd like to fully support this proposal.

    I just had to rework the entire centre front of a jacket pattern because of one mistake early in the build - going for a simple curve instead of a curved path.

    So it is a real use(r)-case.

    I don't remember the exact math differences between the two, perhaps this could be an option on import if the conversion is destructive or non exact. Otherwise I can't justify existence of simple curves to myself when playing devil's advocate. OP's case is solid.

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