Add Pattern System "M. Müller & Sohn"

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Ronan Le Tiec created an issue

The pattern system "M. Müller & Sohn" is at least in the german industry widely spread. It's missing from the list of selectable pattern systems.

I can take care of this issue.

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Are you aware what this list means? We use this pattern making systems only for translations no more. Valentina itself doesn't bound to any system.

    Adding new system means it definitely use measurement names unique to this system and users of this system want to have them.

    Personally i don't like this translation feature at all. It is not popular and hard to maintain. People don't understand how to translate measurements for all those systems. And even what does it mean in Valentina. Most just sabotage it and prefer to use custom measurements, where names they control themself.

  2. Ronan Le Tiec reporter

    All right, I thought it was something informative, I didn't realise it had any function attached to it.

    How does this feature work? Are the name of the measurement table translated when selecting of the system?

    I have made 2 Patterns now with Müller & Sohn, I made a .txt with the translations between Valentina's name and the system's name. Not vey handy but it works too.

  3. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    How does this feature work?

    Each PM has a number. To this number attached a QM file with translation. Actually each PM has as many files as many languages we support. So, this is already huge number of files.

    Are the name of the measurement table translated when selecting of the system?

    In options you select both GUI language and PM system. This select correct translation when you works with a formula.

  4. Former user Account Deleted


    Most just sabotage it and prefer to use custom measurements

    This is a good point, perhaps you're on to something. It could be UX (user experience) issue. When I first started using Aldrich (p41) I was not able to understand how the system selection affects measurements and other parts of Valentina. As others (and following some, perhaps not ideal advice 'on the Internet') I have used custom measurements to "translate" the internal Valentina measurements into something more familiar and quicker to type (@scye_depth). This, coupled with old Valentina Wiki page showing some sort of mapping for Aldrich probably added to confusion.

    I fully understand I'm supposed to read documentation but Valentina is quite intuitive to me in most places, this was a bit surprising. @ work for me just fine btw so no complaint there.

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