New key to control dialog type.

Issue #889 resolved
Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner created an issue

In some cases native dialogs, for example, Open file, Save file etc., are working incorrect. To bypass this issue we can use Qt's built in versions. But using them on every platform will harm user experience. As they are not to advanced. Adding new key will give user a chance to control the choice of dialog types without need to force them to use one type or another.

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  1. Wren Turkal

    What is working incorrectly? I seem get the same functionality between the qt dialog and the native dialog running on Ubuntu. All other platforms appear to use the native dialog.

    After trying out the native dialog on Ubuntu I actually like it better since it looks like my other dialogs. Could we just use the native dialog there also?

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi reporter

    Could we just use the native dialog there also?

    We could, but i want to provide an option for a user. Unfortunately dialogs are not stable:

    • I had case where native open dialog showed empty space on Ubuntu.
    • Also on Windows we have case where opening native dialog after many (~12) reloads of measurements start popuping error messages.
    • Built In dialogs are not compatible with tool we use to create portable version for Windows.

    What is better key or option in preferences? Right now i more on option.

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