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Alexei Burmistrov created an issue

In small batch and individual production, the information about the operations on the details and their order is placed directly on the patterns. Sometimes, such info is quite not obvious. Now it is necessary to write this info on the detail patterns by hand. When the pattern parameters change (in the worst case -- every order), this work must be repeated on and on. This seems to contradict with the principles of Valentina project. The requirements for such info are different and depend on the developer guidelines. Some want to label selected lines and curves (Issue #769), others want to mark points to reference them from the text manual.

Adding text label tool would satisfy most of the use cases. The user should first select a point. Options should include: * Detail selection combo box * Edit box for the label text * Angle and size of the text * x-y displacement, relative to anchor point if manual dragging of the label is impossible. The ability to manually move the text around the anchor point would be ideal, but even the numeric parameters would suffice.

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    The Placelabel tool is not right choice. It was created for placing only visual marks. For your idea we need new tool.

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    @mistflock, personal question. How do you use Valentina? Do you try to use it in production?

  3. Alexei Burmistrov reporter

    Yes, we are using it in the production of leather bags. The bags are in most cases ordered individually, often with the client-specified dimensions. So the parametric approach of Valentina is practically the only choice for us. But the opposite side of such an individual production is a possible long time span between the consecutive uses of a single model and some important production nuances are easily forgotten. The amount of time to make proper docs is very limited. Thus we are trying to gradually move our model archive to Valentina.

  4. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Very good, but to make our collaboration more clear i want you to read this article from my blog if you still did not. So you better understand my motivation.

    Regarding to this issue, yes, i agree this is current limitation and self documenting also is very important. But because of lack of resources i cannot promise you that i will implement it in near future. I hope you will understand.

  5. Alexei Burmistrov reporter

    Thank you for your work, Roman. I do consider to participate from the coding side, so where is the proper place to ask questions and discuss Valentina's code?

  6. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    You see, we don't have clear procedure for this. Because most of the time i do all work alone. You can use any communication you like. The Issue tracker i prefer use for tracking ideas and bugs. But this is not very good place for raw or unconfirmed ideas. But we always can try and see what will work for us.

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