New Tool: Arc from 2 points and Angle

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Alexei Burmistrov created an issue

Very often an arc is drawn to connect two already existing points, so that the lines, these points belong to are tangential to the arc. Now it is necessary to build a center point first. This is no easy task if the angle between the lines is not straight. One has to build two perpendicular lines from the points and find their intersection. So much work for nothing, because the angle between two lines and two points is all what it takes to build the arc.

A new tool "Arc from 2 points" would satisfy this use case. The user selects two points and presses Enter. In the tool dialog the angle of the arc is entered. To generate center point or not can be left as a tool option.

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  1. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Okay. I can imagine two points, but what about the angle? What represents this angle? Can you draw for me simple image and show on it all data we have?

  2. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Is it what you are speaking of?

    Yes. But i don't like formula for getting radius. I believe you have made a mistake here.


    AB = 2r sin (α/ 2) Alpha in this example is different angel. What do you think? If i am wrong show me link to place which confirms your version.

  3. Alexei Burmistrov reporter

    alpha is exactly the "Angle", I was speaking of. The tool builds arc from A, B, and alpha. The previous story was how the tool could be used to smoothly connect lines but it is just a use case. Sorry for misunderstanding

  4. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner

    Good, but i still miss one piece. How to find center point if i know only radius, AB length and alpha?

  5. Alexei Burmistrov reporter

    look at the how to part of my drawing. 1. find the middle between two points. 2. build perpedicular line from this point of length d. Vector notation will make it the easiest way

  6. Alexei Burmistrov reporter

    center vector should be something like C = (A + B) / 2 + P(B - A) / 2 * cotan(Alpha/2), where A, B, C - vectors, and P([x, y]) =[-y, x] Oh, and of course alpha must be > 0.

  7. Roman Telezhynskyi repo owner


    Here is how i see this case. To find an arc center we can:

    1. Find radius.
    2. Find points of circles intersections with centers of known points.
    3. Allow user to select which of two cases to select.

    But i don't know how do you suppose to calculate alpha angle value. Because your angle A1A0A4 from the first picture is not alpha.

  8. Alexei Burmistrov reporter

    No, A0 is not alpha, you are right. Angle = alpha = 180 - A0, as was depicted on my drawing. A0 was introduced to illustrate the necessary condition to use the tool in the use case of smooth transition between two lines :A0, A2 == A0, A3

  9. Alexei Burmistrov reporter

    Your construction method is totally valid. I just showed that vector algebra equivalent is a quite concise formula

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