New function - point tangent to Bezier curve

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Catherine Richard created an issue

Some patternmaking systems require in some situations to put a point on a Bezier curve. This point is placed on the tangent to the curve starting from a previous point.

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  1. Yiannis

    I have seen this as well, but I didn’t manage to find a way to do it. The next step would be to draw a line from point A16, touching the green curved line and stopping at Line BwBg.

    I guess we are talking about the same thing.

  2. Douglas Caskey

    You could accomplish this by using the “Point intersect curve & axis” tool. The tangent point is a special case for the intersection of a curve and axis… as per picture below:

    Created simple curve Spl_A_A1
    Created point A2
    Select Point intersect curve & axis tool
    Select curve Spl_A_A1
    Select point A2
    Swing axis until it first touches curve creating point A3

    And since there are 2 points of tangent of a curve and point:

    Swing axis until it first touches curve creating point A4

    Note that when using a curved path there may be more than 2 tangent points.

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