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Roadmap Valentina 0.7.0

This document contains a roadmap for Valentina 0.7.0. If you wish to see your issue part of it please contact us and point to issue in our issue tracker. If your issue is not part of it, please, create it first.

Note. Mention in this list doesn't guarantee implementation of feature.

  • [#691] New feature: Night mode.
  • [#725] Improve labels on drawing.
  • [#730] Improve feature: Color for items after rotation, moving etc.
  • [#600] New tool Move. Point to point.
  • [#576] New export: Export Measurements for Body Measurements App/Widget
  • [#680] New tool: Tangent line between arcs.
  • [#428] Improve feature: Redefine multisize/standard tables.
  • [#711] Issue: Default unit not carrying over to Tape.
  • [#651] Improve feature: Layout orientation according to grainline.
  • [#916] Improve layout generation.
  • [#707] Issue: 'Arc Intersect Axis' tool yields wrong results.
  • [#552] Enhance Feature: Add "All/None/Selected" menu in detail list area for easier handling of many parts.
  • [#858] Make Option|Alt click select curve handles.
  • [#821] Make all curves "Curved Path" and eliminate "Simple Curves".
  • [#182] Improve feature: Undo in dialog Increments.
  • [#330] Add "delete objects out of the log list" feature.
  • [#884] Groups when exporting to SVG.
  • [#873] Add validation for a pin point.
  • [#827] Create separate icon theme for Mac OS X.
  • [#801] New feature. Allow user to extend Known Measurements database.
  • [#800] New feature. Allow user to add image for a custom measurement.
  • [#795] Add support for AppImage, Flatpak or Snap.
  • [#787] Final Measurements on printed pattern.
  • [#757] "Color-Coded" details.
  • [#635] New feature: Arc by points.
  • [#887] Show all labels when opened a piece options dialog.
  • [#889] New key to control dialog type.
  • [#751] Export details with scale.
  • [#899] Check crash case.
  • [#813] Mac keyboard shortcuts in main application
  • [#927] Freeze prefix language on pattern/project creation.