This is template for setting up a project structure for creating presentations using Markdown.

  • The presentation is styled using CSS.
  • It's generated into HTML using Jekyll.
  • The slides are generated using RemarkJS.
  • Via Gulp and BrowserSync it is possible to interactively write the presentation and see the resulting slides in the browser.

Getting started

  • Clone this project.
  • Run 'gulp' in the root of the project.
    This will start Jekyll in watch-mode and a server with browser-sync and it will open the generated slides in the browser.

This shows a sample presentation.
The markdown for this presentation is in 'index.html'.
Jekyll will generate a HTML version in the _site folder using a layout which is defined in the markdown file.
The layout file is located in the _layout folder.
It will use a css-style based on the 'conference' and 'year' variables in the markdown file. The css file is located in the 'remarkjs/css' folder.

Additional images can be put in the 'images' folder.

A layout for the Devoxx 2016 conference is available since I was creating this for a presentation I present there.


The node_modules folder is checked in on purpose to make this a clone-and-play repo. I have had so many problems in the past with Node/NPM/Gulp etc because of updated or deleted dependencies and I just want to be able to use this everywhere.

Generating PDF

Using 'decktape' the RemarkJS slides can be generated into a pdf.

Use command: decktape-1.0.0/phantomjs decktape-1.0.0/decktape.js remark http://localhost:3000/ slides.pdf

See for installation.