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Fixed #15076 -- Quoted ForeignKey target class names in inspectdb when class is defined below.

Thanks saschwarz for the report, for the initial patch and Ramiro Morales for the review.

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         yield ''
         yield 'from %s import models' % self.db_module
         yield ''
+        known_models = []
         for table_name in connection.introspection.get_table_list(cursor):
             yield 'class %s(models.Model):' % table2model(table_name)
+            known_models.append(table2model(table_name))
                 relations = connection.introspection.get_relations(cursor, table_name)
             except NotImplementedError:
                 if i in relations:
                     rel_to = relations[i][1] == table_name and "'self'" or table2model(relations[i][1])
-                    field_type = 'ForeignKey(%s' % rel_to
+                    if rel_to in known_models:
+                        field_type = 'ForeignKey(%s' % rel_to
+                    else:
+                        field_type = "ForeignKey('%s'" % rel_to
                     if att_name.endswith('_id'):
                         att_name = att_name[:-3]


         call_command('inspectdb', stdout=out)
         error_message = "inspectdb generated an attribute name which is a python keyword"
         self.assertNotIn("from = models.ForeignKey(InspectdbPeople)", out.getvalue(), msg=error_message)
-        self.assertIn("from_field = models.ForeignKey(InspectdbPeople)", out.getvalue())
+        # As InspectdbPeople model is defined after InspectdbMessage, it should be quoted
+        self.assertIn("from_field = models.ForeignKey('InspectdbPeople')", out.getvalue())
         self.assertIn("people_pk = models.ForeignKey(InspectdbPeople, primary_key=True)",
         self.assertIn("people_unique = models.ForeignKey(InspectdbPeople, unique=True)",
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