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[1.4.X] Fixed #18118 -- Improved documentation for contrib.auth.hashers utility functions. Thanks Mathieu Agopian for the report and Ramiro Morales for the review.

Backport of r17905 from trunk.

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File docs/topics/auth.txt

 sections describe a couple of common ways advanced users may want to modify this
+.. _bcrypt_usage:
 Using bcrypt with Django
     to create and validate hashed password. You can use them independently
     from the ``User`` model.
-.. function:: check_password()
+.. function:: check_password(password, encoded)
     .. versionadded:: 1.4
     user's ``password`` field in the database to check against, and returns
     ``True`` if they match, ``False`` otherwise.
-.. function:: make_password()
+.. function:: make_password(password[, salt, hashers])
     .. versionadded:: 1.4
     Creates a hashed password in the format used by this application. It takes
-    two arguments: hashing algorithm to use and the password in plain-text.
-    Currently supported algorithms are: ``'sha1'``, ``'md5'`` and ``'crypt'``
-    if you have the ``crypt`` library installed. If the second argument is
+    one mandatory argument: the password in plain-text. Optionally, you can
+    provide a salt and a hashing algorithm to use, if you don't want to use the
+    defaults (first entry of ``PASSWORD_HASHERS`` setting).
+    Currently supported algorithms are: ``'pbkdf2_sha256'``, ``'pbkdf2_sha1'``,
+    ``'bcrypt'`` (see :ref:`bcrypt_usage`), ``'sha1'``, ``'md5'``,
+    ``'unsalted_md5'`` (only for backward compatibility) and ``'crypt'``
+    if you have the ``crypt`` library installed. If the password argument is
     ``None``, an unusable password is returned (a one that will be never
     accepted by :func:`django.contrib.auth.hashers.check_password`).
-.. function:: is_password_usable()
+.. function:: is_password_usable(encoded_password)
    .. versionadded:: 1.4