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Ignore .svn directories in the folders test from [17925]. This is what happens when you use git-svn.

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     def test_filepathfield_folders(self):
+        skip_svn = r'[^(\.svn)]'
         path = forms.__file__
         path = os.path.dirname(path) + '/'
-        f = FilePathField(path=path, allow_folders=True, allow_files=False)
+        f = FilePathField(path=path, allow_folders=True, allow_files=False, match=skip_svn)
         expected = [
             ('/django/forms/extras', 'extras'),
             self.assertEqual(exp[1], got[1])
-        f = FilePathField(path=path, allow_folders=True, allow_files=True)
+        f = FilePathField(path=path, allow_folders=True, allow_files=True, match=skip_svn)
         expected = [
             ('/django/forms/', ''),
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