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Tag Commit Date Download
tip 3b23a7a
releases/1.4 75e82cf
releases/1.2.7 c6503bd
releases/1.2.6 e1c6a88
releases/1.3.1 84be379
releases/1.3 e752cdf
releases/1.1.4 c3ef5d7
releases/1.2.5 9f23205
releases/1.1.3 759bb98
releases/1.2.4 82628dc
releases/1.2.3 07edcd3
releases/1.2.2 8d7aa14
releases/1.2.1 956afca
releases/1.2 e877dee
releases/1.1.2 64d98ee
releases/1.1.1 a48e1ba
releases/1.0.4 0352aba
releases/0.96.5 6e5b1ea
releases/1.1 26525d1
releases/1.0.3 b7fc10e
releases/0.96.4 e016531
releases/1.0.2 76ee93e
releases/1.0.1 9c978c3
releases/1.0 06ff58a
notable_moments/1.0-rc1 48b92b9
releases/0.96.3 4ad3cb3
releases/0.95.4 416621c
releases/0.91.3 626b9ef
notable_moments/1.0-beta-2 431ad10
notable_moments/1.0-beta-1 40c45ef
notable_moments/1.0-alpha-2 8b8caeb
notable_moments/1.0-alpha f215fb7
notable_moments/pre-newforms-admin 9e1b0be
releases/0.91.2 56ad7f1
releases/0.95.3 1748978
releases/0.96.2 fa403be
releases/0.96.1 b63c359
releases/0.95.2 dfb968f
releases/0.91.1 731961d
releases/0.96 8a00109
releases/0.95.1 70b7d78
releases/0.95 a8001d1
notable_moments/pre-magic-removal d2d9957
releases/0.91 e2a73e7
releases/0.90 5e052a4
notable_moments/ipo c67561f
Branch Commit Date Download
default 3b23a7a
releases/1.4.X 44fee4d
releases/1.3.X e951e04
releases/1.2.X f4b3ed4
features/py3k 284eb9b
releases/1.1.X e52c239
soc2010/app-loading 937e6d6
soc2010/test-refactor f8f15cb
soc2010/query-refactor bd773e5
soc2009/model-validation 303b6fa
releases/1.0.X f6e6af9
soc2009/multidb 1c3ddc1
soc2009/admin-ui deae280
attic/unicode 99dd70d
attic/sqlalchemy fcea977
attic/search-api 2573159
attic/schema-evolution-ng dcc0ff3
attic/schema-evolution 9c03308
attic/queryset-refactor d0c5348
attic/per-object-permissions b3b9f6b
attic/newforms-admin 7cd23f5
attic/new-admin c13b1dd
attic/multiple-db-support 35e26ae
attic/multi-auth 125ae92
attic/magic-removal d577256
attic/i18n 6c9cadd
attic/gis eafb54b
attic/generic-auth 97b1771
attic/boulder-oracle-sprint 61da968
attic/full-history 5ad5f30
soc2009/test-improvements c09b921
0.96-bugfixes 67a223c
soc2009/i18n-improvements 3821b98
soc2009/http-wsgi-improvements d5e3f49
0.91-bugfixes 084b997
0.95-bugfixes c45a9a2
0.90-bugfixes 6ccdc40
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