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django / AUTHORS

Django was originally created in late 2003 at World Online, the Web division
of the Lawrence Journal-World newspaper in Lawrence, Kansas.

The PRIMARY AUTHORS are (and/or have been):

Adrian Holovaty <http://www.holovaty.com/>, who originally created Django with
Simon and currently oversees things with Jacob.

Simon Willison <http://simon.incutio.com/>, who originally created Django with
Adrian during his year-long internship/placement at World Online and currently
helps from the sidelines.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss <http://www.jacobian.org/>, who joined the team shortly
before Simon departed and currently oversees things with Adrian.

Wilson Miner <http://www.wilsonminer.com/>, who designed Django's admin
interface, pretty error pages, official Web site (djangoproject.com) and has
made many other contributions.

Georg "Hugo" Bauer <http://hugo.muensterland.org/>, who added
internationalization support, manages i18n contributions and has made a ton
of excellent tweaks, feature additions and bug fixes.

Robert Wittams <http://robert.wittams.com/>, who majorly refactored the Django
admin application to allow for easier reuse and has made a ton of excellent
tweaks, feature additions and bug fixes.

And here is an inevitably incomplete list of MUCH-APPRECIATED CONTRIBUTORS --
people who have submitted patches, reported bugs, added translations, helped
answer newbie questions, and generally made Django that much better:

    David Ascher <http://ascher.ca/>
    James Bennett
    Paul Bissex <http://e-scribe.com/>
    Simon Blanchard
    Andrew Brehaut <http://brehaut.net/blog>
    Antonio Cavedoni <http://cavedoni.com/>
    Amit Chakradeo <http://amit.chakradeo.net/>
    Matt Croydon <http://www.postneo.com/>
    Jeremy Dunck <http://dunck.us/>
    Clint Ecker
    Baishampayan Ghose
    Espen Grindhaug <http://grindhaug.org/>
    Brant Harris
    Ian Holsman <http://feh.holsman.net/>
    Kieran Holland <http://www.kieranholland.com>
    Robert Rock Howard <http://djangomojo.com/>
    Jason Huggins <http://www.jrandolph.com/blog/>
    Michael Josephson <http://www.sdjournal.com/>
    Garth Kidd <http://www.deadlybloodyserious.com/>
    Sune Kirkeby <http://ibofobi.dk/>
    Stuart Langridge <http://www.kryogenix.org/>
    Eugene Lazutkin <http://lazutkin.com/blog/>
    Martin Maney <http://www.chipy.org/Martin_Maney>
    Maniac <http://www.softwaremaniacs.org/>
    Petar Marić
    Jason McBrayer <http://www.carcosa.net/jason/>
    Eric Moritz <http://eric.themoritzfamily.com/>
    Robin Munn <http://www.geekforgod.com/>
    Sam Newman <http://www.magpiebrain.com/>
    Luke Plant <http://lukeplant.me.uk/>
    phaedo <http://phaedo.cx/>
    David Schein
    Radek Švarz <http://www.svarz.cz/translate/>
    Aaron Swartz <http://www.aaronsw.com/>
    Tom Tobin
    Joe Topjian <http://joe.terrarum.net/geek/code/python/django/>
    Amit Upadhyay
    Milton Waddams
    Rachel Willmer <http://www.willmer.com/kb/>

A big THANK YOU goes to:

    Rob Curley and Ralph Gage for letting us open-source Django.

    Frank Wiles for making excellent arguments for open-sourcing, and for
    his sage sysadmin advice.

    Ian Bicking for convincing Adrian to ditch code generation.

    Mark Pilgrim for diveintopython.org.

    Guido van Rossum for creating Python.