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.. _ref-gis-admin:

GeoDjango's admin site

.. module:: django.contrib.gis.admin
   :synopsis: GeoDjango's extensions to the admin site.


.. class:: GeoModelAdmin

   .. attribute:: default_lon

   The default center longitude.

   .. attribute:: default_lat

   The default center latitude.

   .. attribute:: default_zoom

   The default zoom level to use.  Defaults to 18.

   .. attribute:: extra_js

   Sequence of URLs to any extra JavaScript to include.

   .. attribute:: map_template

   Override the template used to generate the JavaScript slippy map.
   Default is ``'gis/admin/openlayers.html'``.

   .. attribute:: map_width

   Width of the map, in pixels.  Defaults to 600.

   .. attribute:: map_height

   Height of the map, in pixels.  Defaults to 400.

   .. attribute:: openlayers_url

   Link to the URL of the OpenLayers JavaScript.  Defaults to

   .. attribute:: modifiable

   Defaults to ``False``.  When set to ``True``, disables editing of
   existing geometry fields in the admin.

   .. note::

       This is different from adding the geometry field to
       which will only display the WKT of the geometry. Setting
       ``modifiable=False``, actually displays the geometry in a map,
       but disables the ability to edit its vertices.


.. class:: OSMGeoAdmin

   A subclass of :class:`GeoModelAdmin` that uses a spherical mercator projection
   with `OpenStreetMap <http://openstreetmap.org/>`_ street data tiles.
   See the :ref:`OSMGeoAdmin introduction <osmgeoadmin-intro>`
   in the tutorial for a usage example.