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This project is a Python project for hosting process-based VMs or interpreters. It is largely based off code from

The idea is the interpreter runs on a slave process which responds to usual REPL kind of input, and returns the output as well as a sentinel.

This is very much an experimental project and in its infancy. I'm looking to add some more interesting things such as jazz up the interprocess protocol a bit, perhaps some interlangauge data transfer or function-level binding.

node.js Example

djbouche@tsumugi:~/code/testpipe > python2 -i
>>> node = ProcVM('slave/node-slave.js')
>>> node
<ProcVM: node>
>>> node.eval("a = {hello: 'world'}")
"{ hello: 'world' }"
>>> node.eval("a.b = 2")
>>> node.eval("a")
"{ hello: 'world', b: 2 }"
>>> node.interactive()
node>> c = [a, 3]
[ { hello: 'world', b: 2 }, 3 ]
node>> exit

Ruby Example

djbouche@tsumugi:~/code/testpipe > python2 -i
>>> ruby = ProcVM('slave/ruby-slave.rb')
>>> ruby
<ProcVM: ruby 1.9.3>
>>> ruby.interactive()
ruby 1.9.3>> @a = 'some string'
"some string"
ruby 1.9.3>> @a.reverse
"gnirts emos"
ruby 1.9.3>> @x = [1,2,3,4].shuffle
[3, 2, 4, 1]
ruby 1.9.3>> exit

C# Example

djbouche@tsumugi:~/code/testpipe > python2 -i
>>> cs = ProcVM('slave/cs-slave.exe')
>>> cs
<ProcVM: csharp>
>>> cs.eval("int a = 4")
>>> cs.eval("a + 4")
>>> cs.interactive()
csharp>> Console.WriteLine("The number is {0}",a)
The number is 4
csharp>> exit

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