jinja2templater is an extension to allow integration of the Jinja2 templater
engine into Mercurial's templating implementation. Included are a few lines
of code to implement the required interfaces to make Jinja2 and hg cooperate,
and a simple default template to provide a starting point for developers.


jinja2templater needs Mercurial 1.3 or later and Jinja2 to be installed. It
should work on Python 2.4 and later.


The data structures Mercurial passes into templaters aren't really very
friendly. I hope this will change over time, but that remains to be seen.

I've also not tested this extension thoroughly. While the basic implementation
seems to work, there might be gotchas lurking in there; YMMV.


jinja2templater is a proof of concept extension written by Dirkjan Ochtman.
Get the source from Problems
can also be reported there. Patches are always welcome, of course. The
jinja2templater extension is distributed under the terms of the GPLv2 license.
Find the full licensing terms in the LICENSE file in your distribution.