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Issue #17 resolved
simone corti created an issue

Hi I'm trying to get back an arrays from an object structure with embedded documents.

    "_id": ObjectID("559d286f27819c41006bf3e5"),
    "cellId": 1,
    "data": [
            "country": "0",
            "sms_in": 1
            "sms_in": 10,
            "country": "39",
    "ts": ISODate("2013-12-08T00:10:00.000Z")

The idea was to sum together all the sms_in values from all the countries using the following pipeline

pipeline = [{"$match": {"cellId" : 1, "ts" : start} },{"$group" : {"_id" : "$cellId", "total" : {"$sum" : "$data.sms_in"}}}]

but the returned value for total always contains 0. I think the problem is due to the usage of the 'data' embedded document. Is Monary able to manage embedded documents or something is wrong in my code? Thank you.

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  1. David Beach repo owner

    Have you tried this using the aggregation pipeline with the PyMongo driver directly? I'm not expert in the aggregation pipeline, but I would think that you need an $unwind stage to handle the values in each data array. The documentation for $sum says that it ignores non-numeric values, and in this case, it looks like you're passing an entire list of values from each document.

  2. simone corti reporter

    You are right.

    pipeline = [{"$match": {"cellId" : 1, "ts" : start} },{"$unwind" : "$data"},{"$group" : {"_id" : "$cellId", "total" : {"$sum" : "$data.sms_in"}}}]

    Works correctly. Thank you.

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