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Sam Rusk created an issue

I am hoping to leverage Monary for its incredible query speed ups. Currently, I am storing 10,000 length integer vectors as ListFields using mongoengine. The query takes extremely long and I am hoping monary will be much faster.

It doesn't seem that there is anyway to query a listfield using Monary. Does anyone know of a work around or is there any plan to build in that capability?

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  1. A Herlihy


    From my understanding, (ListFields are just wrappers around lists. If you are looking for multidimensional array support, it was developed but hasn't been merged yet. You are welcome to try out this branch, hopefully sometime in the future it will be fully merged with this repo.

    If you are interested in examples of multidimentional array usages, there are some tests here:

    Which should give you an idea of how they should work. It is still in development, so if you come across any bugs please file a report!


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