Type string for returning a field that contains an array

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Chris Sharpe
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The ReadtheDocs page describes the Monary-specific types lists a type code of 4 for representing an array. When we query the type of that field in our database, Monary does indeed return 4. So it looks like Monary does understand that that field is an array. What we haven't been able to figure out is the correct type string to pass in a query to return that data.

In the examples we have been trying the field we want to return is a fixed length array of 6 float64's. We tried a number of type strings, such as "array", "array:6", "6:float64", and "array:6:float64" and got errors like "unknown type" or "too many parts in type". Looking at the code, it says "The input typename must be one of the keys found in the MONARY_TYPES dictionary." Even though the array type is listed in the docs as a Monary-specific type, it doesn't appear to be supported in the type dictionary. Does this mean we can't use Monary to read array fields or did we miss something?

(We opened this issue as a bug rather than an enhancement because "array" was listed as a Monary-specific type, so it would appear like it should be supported)

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