Cannot use $or or any dollar-sign top level operator in query

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We are currently using an old version of Monary (0.2) but are trying to switch to recent versions (0.4 or 0.5). However, after following the instructions and doing a clean install with the latest version of the Mongo C driver, we are unable to use any top-level operator such as $or if mixed with other field. For example, the following query:

{"$or":[{"field1":1},{"field2":2}], "field3":3}

results in:

Cannot mix top-level query with dollar keys such as $orderby. Use {$query: {},...} instead.

If $or is not used, or if field3 is queried alone, the error does not occur. Using $query does not appear to be a true option because it would result in an "unknown operator" error.

To go around this, I modified the Mongo C driver, however we won't be doing such a thing in a live environment since we don't really know why that test is there and what other things we may break. The modification we did was in mongoc-cursor.c - basically we just commented-out lines 419 - 426 here:

The code is very specific to check for mixed dollar-sign and non-dollar sign elements:

     if (_mixed_dollar_non_dollar (query)) {
        bson_set_error (&error,
                        "Cannot mix top-level query with dollar keys such "
                        "as $orderby. Use {$query: {},...} instead.");
        GOTO (done);

Does anyone have any insight about this? Is it a bug? And what needs to be fixed? Is it the C driver or the Monary query builder? And is there a good workaround other than commenting-out the error checking code?

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