MongoDB C driver upgrade

#7 Merged
  1. Matt Cotter

This commit represents our finished update to the new C driver. The file change count is large due to the presence of the C driver; the core Monary code still lives under monary/ and test/.

Breaking change: remove the authenticate method in Monary - this is due to mongoDB changes. Authentication can now be done through the mongoDB URI.

This fixes #5.

Comments (7)

  1. Kyle Suarez

    With the latest commit, you should just be able to build and test like this:

    $ python build
    $ nosetests test/
  2. David Beach repo owner

    Matt and Kyle,

    Thanks for all the work. I only found two problems while running the various tests. (Both are minor.) I'm ready to approve & merge as soon as these are fixed.


  3. David Beach repo owner

    Okay, I've updated my copy and things look better now. I am able to build and unit and timing tests are working as expected.

    There's one more thing I would suggest you fix, though it isn't mandatory:

    One of the committed source files appears to get modified as part of the build process:

    M mongodb-mongo-c-driver-0.98.0/src/libbson/src/bson/bson-stdint.h

    It's usually best if this doesn't happen. Also, I see the build process for the C driver creates a lot of untracked files which show up when you type hg stat. I would suggest adding these to the .hgignore file (appropriate directories and patterns).

    1. Kyle Suarez

      Do you have a preference between more explicit ignore patterns and general glob/regexp-style excludes?

      1. David Beach repo owner

        I typically prefer glob for file suffixes and explicit names for directories. Of course if a directory is called build, for example, I think you can safely ignore that directory everywhere it appears.