1. David Beach
  2. monary


monary / CHANGES.TXT

Version 0.1.4

    * Upgraded to latest version of Mongo C driver.  (Changed signature for mongo_connect() function.)

Version 0.1.3

    * Added support for sorting queries and providing hints.  (See Monary.query method.)

    * Added simple unit tests for Monary.authenticate.

Version 0.1.2

    * Added support for a "date" type which populates an array of int64 values
      from a BSON date (date value is milliseconds since Jan 1, 1970).

    * Improved column tests.

    * Fixed a minor bug in datehelper.mongodelta_to_timedelta(), which was not accepting
      a numpy.int64 instance as the date value.  (Now we simply convert the incoming arg to a Python int.)

    * Added strict argument checks to datehelper functions.

Version 0.1.1

    * Bugfix release for issue with ObjectIDs containing NULL bytes
      (ObjectIDs now use a 12-byte 'void' array type in numeric python.)
    * Support for int8, int16, int64, and float32 column types.
    * Basic tests for all column types (requires nosetests).

Version 0.1

    * Initial Release