Deployment Script

With this script, you can deploy a website using nothing more than SSH. All you need to do is run the command "deploy master" or "deploy beta" or anything you wish, and the script will take care of the rest.


  • Add this folder to your PATH
  • Setup SSH access to your server
  • Configure the .deploy file
  • Deploy!


  • SSH
  • rsync (If you are using Windows, download Cygwin and install rsync)

Example .deploy file

  • master /home/ true
  • beta /home/ true

Example .deploy_ignore file

  • .git
  • /tmp

Example deploy command file

  • deploy beta

Deploy File Config

  • branch sshlogin path fixpermissions

Optional Files

  • .deploy_success (This is run on the server once the deployment has finished. Flushing the Cache maybe?)
  • .deploy_before (This will be run before files are syned to server. Compress CSS maybe?)
  • .deploy_ignore (All the files/folders in this file will be ignore. One per line)