wikiup / NEWS

1.0.10 :

* bug fixes only

1.0.9 :

* bug fixes only

1.0.8 :

* added current directory to search path for .wikiuprc
* added read_root_config configuration variable
* added profile configuration variable`

1.0.7 :

* added web configuration variable
* transform Perl code may now be placed in configuration file

1.0.6 :

* add interactive mode
* improved error handling
* implemented documented but not present sleep directive in configuration file

1.0.5 :

* improved error reporting if topic or web do not exist
* added dryrun capability
* added renaming of uploaded files

1.0.4 :

* fixed --version option

1.0.3 :

* implemented resetting of profile variables in config file
* configuration file permissions check was incorrect

1.0.2 :

* added license, more minor cleanups

1.0.1 :

* minor internal cleanup

1.0.0 :

* initial public release
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