Infinite Starfield Generator for GUI Client

Issue #9 resolved
Andrew Peterson
repo owner created an issue

Though stars in this game will be a purely aesthetic feature, a starry background will set the right mood for this being a //Space //Game. This star-field should be infinite and persistent, yet still only take a finite amount of memory/processing.

=== Development Notes: === An attempt at this was already made in // The concept will be to maintain a set of tiles of randomly generated stars that completely cover the view area of the GUI client. The tiles will be static to that position in space and move as the view area moves. As the view area moves in space, new tiles will be generated and old tiles will be destroyed to ensure the star-field always exists in the viewable area of space. The actual tile position in space can be hashed and used as the random seed for the generation of the stars in that tile. No matter how many times a particular tile is deleted/recreated, the same randomly generated stars will persist in that location of space.