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pyShipCommand / Equipment

Each ship will have equipment that can be installed during the initial construction. Unlike Ship Attributes, Equipment will be one of the more dynamic factors when it comes to the capabilities of each ship. Except for the number of additional Auxiliary Slots, the cost of equipment will be separated from the cost of the ship construction and can be installed and removed by the player at capable locations.

Default Equipment

All ships will be constructed with predefined default equipment to provide basic services needed to function. This "default" equipment can be replaced with better, though more expensive, versions to allow for increased functionality.

RadarRadar Systems allow the detection of nearby objects. This includes asteroids, as well as friendly and enemy ships. Upgrades to Radar Systems will extend the range of detection.
CommunicationCommunication Systems allow for friendly ships within range to communicate with each other. Upgrades to the Communication System will extend the range of communication.
Weapon/ToolA single weapon or tool system is available by default on all ships. This can be considered as a default auxiliary slot that can only hold weapons or tools. By default, this slot will be equipped with a very slow and weak weapon for basic combat purposes. Upgrades will come in the form of different weapon types or tools for resource extraction.
ShieldProvides temporary, but regenerative, protection against superficial attacks. Upgrades will allow for better protection.
EngineProvides thrust for Ship movement. This will define the overall velocity and acceleration of the ship, depending on the Ship's mass.

Auxiliary Equipment

In addition to the default equipment, auxiliary equipment is also available to provide more specialized functionality for a particular ship. This auxiliary equipment can only be installed into limited auxiliary slots on board. Additional auxiliary slots are very expensive and it will be best focus a ships auxiliary functionality.

Secondary WeaponsSecondary, more powerful weapons, that increase a Ship's combat capabilities.
ConstructionAllows for the construction of new Ships through the processing of resources.
GeneratorsProvides boosts of power for increasing certain attributes of the Ship, including Shields, Thrust, Crew Size, and Weapon Power.