Open Robot Car

Welcome to the world's first Open Source driverless
robot car project.

This project's aim is to produce the software for
an incar computer to allow the car to drive itself.

Potentially safer..

An example might be that you want to browse the 
internet on your laptop in the back seat and not 
wsadrive the car.

Current Status

This project is in active development. At the
moment it is being worked on top down. That
means that many of the details required to make
the project work simply aren't implemented yet.

Here's the status:

 - vision (road detection) : partially implemented
 - communications bus : partially implemented
 - controllers : not implemented
 - gps : partially implemented
 - display : partially implemented

By the mid 2011, all subsystems are expected to
be implemented.

Development Methodology

Actually, this project is an example of TDD or
Test Driven Development.

The plan is to be able to run tests of the logic
(navigation) on a 3D Game engine and also google 
streetview which will provide a virtual camera 
feed for navigation.

Images from Google Streetview are processed and
instructions are fed back to the vehicle-control-
system (VCS).

Development Environment

 - Python               High Level Logic

 - Parallel Python      Multicore processor support

 - C/C++                Frame Capture - Line/Object Detection

 - Blender              3D Virtual World Simulation Generator

 - Google Streetview    Real street vision

 - DBus                 Interprocess Message Bus


 - SMP Multicore motherboard.
 - cameras
 - gyrometer
 - GPS
 - Arduino              Robotics/Electrical Interface