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Let's try that again.

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-Django user registration
+.. -*-restructuredtext-*-
 This is a fairly simple user-registration application for Django,
 designed to make allowing user signups as painless as possible. It
 For installation instructions, see the file "INSTALL" in this
 directory; for instructions on how to use this application, and on
 what it provides, see the file "quickstart.rst" in the "docs/"
+directory. Full documentation is also `available online
       description='An extensible user-registration application for Django',
       author='James Bennett',
-      url='',
-      download_url='',
+      url='',
+      download_url='',
       package_dir={'registration': 'registration'},
       package_data={'registration': data_files},
-      classifiers=['Development Status :: 4 - Beta',
+      classifiers=['Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable',
                    'Environment :: Web Environment',
                    'Framework :: Django',
                    'Intended Audience :: Developers',