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James Alan Nguyen repo owner created an issue

A target intention for demonstrating 2x2op patch support is to allow for playback with the Voyetra SuperSAPI! patches.

Current challenges: - Per-voice panning not implemented - Per-voice detune not implemented - Note retrigger (to be investigated; see Telephone patch) - Percussion bank does not use OPL Rhyhtm modes. May need to transcode them to standard patches. - Voyetra's DOS player omits entire MIDI channels or so, to prevent excessive note-stealing from complex MIDI files. (similar to Win3.1's channel omission)

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  1. James Alan Nguyen reporter

    Discovered SAPI did not make much use of rhythm mode, and where it did, it was parameterless other than total level and pan. To be investigated.

  2. Wohlstand

    At first, I'll need to add some fields into WOPL format the patch-level pan support and some other flags like of default software vibrato (as ADLMIDI already implements it, I can use that value as an offset from off MIDI-configured vibrato level) as for now those fields are missing yet. So, the WOPLv4 will appear to have those fields. Then I'll need full dump of SupoerSAPI! instruments, or a super-long-boring-hard way to play every instrument through DosBox and write a DRO file with them, and implement into OPL3 Bank Editor the support for instrument importing from DRO files (together with existing IMF files support).

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