Import Creative\s PLAY (SBPRO/SB16 DOS TSR) 4op patches

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Issue #19 new
James Alan Nguyen repo owner created an issue

Self-explanatory. No special features observed with patch characteristics so far.

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  1. James Alan Nguyen reporter

    Bank conversion in progress. Turns out this uses 4-op mode. Won't sound right for the most part without 4-op mode implemented.

  2. James Alan Nguyen reporter

    Patch tests partially working, but percussion needs to be investigated further due to use of rhythm mode. Looking at whether some form of rudimentary conversion to standard 2op patch is possible. Also some 4op patches on transcoding to compatible format, some presets not correctly output. To be verified.

  3. James Alan Nguyen reporter

    Seems my understanding of the xx-AM modes was flawed, so now with 4op patches they will always map the secondary pair 3 voices ahead. This fixes certain patches, however there are still some remaining issues with behaviours..

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