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Arduino EIB/KNX Interface via TP-UART

This is a very first version of an interface between Arduino and EIB/KNX using the TP-UART interface IC. It consists of the hardware and an Arduino library.


The schematic is found in the directory Eagle-Files. I didn't create a PCB layout (yet) - please let me know if you are interested. The schematic is largely based on the TPUART board designed at the University of Vienna.

TP-UART ICs can be obtained from Opternus Components.


The Arduino library is found in the directory KnxTpUart and can be directly placed in Arduino's library folder. It is currently in a very early alpha state and undergoes constant change. I recommend not to trust on it as of now.

Issues, Comments and Suggestions

If you have any, don't hesitate to contact me or use the issue tracker. You are also invited to improve the code and send me a pull request to reintegrate the changes here.

Recent activity

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