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Mirror of the wiki over Freenet + FMS code which runs the fniki freesite: freenet:USK@Gq-FBhpgvr11VGpapG~y0rGFOAHVfzyW1WoKGwK-fFw,MpzFUh5Rmw6N~aMKwm9h2Uk~6aTRhYaY0shXVotgBUc,AQACAAE/fniki/-30/

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Commits by djk were pushed to dkarbott/wiki_hacking

203552c - fn-genkey output patch from ZwiSter@BZJeeQniF1r-XOkk-3E6MxIg10w62yr1GgWkxF5XKzA, plus some small text only changes.
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