## Global Roles #### Plugin for Redmine This is a plugin for Redmine which implements a new entity "Out of project role". Plugin provides usage of standart Roles privelegies out of Projects. Now links group-role/user-role can be global and apply to the whole Redmine. It adds Global Roles tab to Users and Groups which makes possible of User-to-Role and Group-to-Role relation. ![Interface](https://github.com/dkuk/global_roles/raw/master/screenshots/interface.png "Interface") ![Interface2](https://github.com/dkuk/global_roles/raw/master/screenshots/interface2.png "Interface2") It could be used for global authentication to actions in plugins which does not bound to projects. This plugin uses jQuery. How to use: * __User.current.global_permission_to?(controller, action)__ - users method. Provides of check privelegies for any user * __authorized_globaly?__ - helper for applications before_filer, which check privelegies for current controller and action * __authorized_globaly_to?(controller, action)__ - helper, which check privelegies for pointed controller and action for current user Methods always returns true for Admin users #### Installation To install plugin, go to the folder "plugins" in root directory of Redmine. Clone plugin in that folder. git clone https://github.com/dkuk/global_roles.git Perform plugin migrations (make sure performing command in the root installation folder of «Redmine»): rake redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=global_roles Restart your web-server. #### Supported Redmine, Ruby and Rails versions. Plugin aims to support and is tested under the following Redmine implementations: * Redmine 3.4.1 Plugin aims to support and is tested under the following Ruby implementations: * Ruby 1.9.2 * Ruby 1.9.3 * Ruby 2.0.0 Plugin aims to support and is tested under the following Rails implementations: * Rails 4.2.8 #### Copyright Copyright (c) 2011-2013 Vladimir Pitin, Danil Kukhlevskiy. [skin]: https://bitbucket.org/dkuk/redmine_alex_skin For better appearance we recommend to use this plugin with Redmine skin of our team - [Redmine Alex Skin][skin]. Another plugins of our team you can see on site http://rmplus.pro 2.2.1: * change 'before_filter' to 'before_action' * removed redmine version support below 3.0.0 2.2.0: * added view of permissions added via group 2.1.0: * cache used rights