Global Roles

Plugin for Redmine

This is a plugin for Redmine which implements a new entity "Out of project role". Plugin provides usage of standart Roles privelegies out of Projects. Now links group-role/user-role can be global and apply to the whole Redmine.

It adds Global Roles tab to Users and Groups which makes possible of User-to-Role and Group-to-Role relation.

Interface Interface2

It could be used for global authentication to actions in plugins which does not bound to projects. This plugin uses jQuery.

How to use: * User.current.global_permission_to?(controller, action) - users method. Provides of check privelegies for any user * authorized_globaly? - helper for applications before_filer, which check privelegies for current controller and action * authorized_globaly_to?(controller, action) - helper, which check privelegies for pointed controller and action for current user

Methods always returns true for Admin users


To install plugin, go to the folder "plugins" in root directory of Redmine. Clone plugin in that folder.

    git clone https://github.com/dkuk/global_roles.git

Perform plugin migrations (make sure performing command in the root installation folder of Ā«RedmineĀ»):

    rake redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=global_roles

Restart your web-server.

Supported Redmine, Ruby and Rails versions.

Plugin aims to support and is tested under the following Redmine implementations: * Redmine 3.4.1

Plugin aims to support and is tested under the following Ruby implementations: Ruby 1.9.2 Ruby 1.9.3 * Ruby 2.0.0

Plugin aims to support and is tested under the following Rails implementations: * Rails 4.2.8

Copyright (c) 2011-2013 Vladimir Pitin, Danil Kukhlevskiy. For better appearance we recommend to use this plugin with Redmine skin of our team - Redmine Alex Skin.

Another plugins of our team you can see on site http://rmplus.pro

2.2.1: change 'before_filter' to 'before_action' removed redmine version support below 3.0.0

2.2.0: * added view of permissions added via group

2.1.0: * cache used rights