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File tracking/

 import re
 import urllib, urllib2
-from django.http import Http404
 from django.conf import settings
 from django.contrib.auth.models import AnonymousUser
+from django.db.utils import DatabaseError
+from django.http import Http404
+from tracking import utils
 from tracking.models import Visitor, UntrackedUserAgent, BannedIP
-from tracking import utils
 title_re = re.compile('<title>(.*?)</title>')
         # see if the user agent is not supposed to be tracked
         for ua in UntrackedUserAgent.objects.all():
             # if the keyword is found in the user agent, stop tracking
-            if str(user_agent).find(ua.keyword) != -1:
+            if unicode(user_agent, errors='ignore').find(ua.keyword) != -1:
         if hasattr(request, 'session'):
         visitor.url = request.path
         visitor.page_views += 1
         visitor.last_update = now
+        try:
+        except DatabaseError:
+            pass
 class VisitorCleanUpMiddleware: