1. Denis Laxalde
  2. codeaster-src



Code_Aster source files are stores into three repositories:

  • src: this one containing C, fortran, python source files and its build scripts,
  • validation: few testcase files with proprietary datas,
  • data: material datas that can not be freely distributed.

Other independant repositories exist:

  • devtools: contains helper scripts.
  • i18n: repository created to share the gettext files for Code_Aster messages.

The size of the src repository is about 350 MB (for validation, it is about 1 GB).

The main branches are:

  • default: the default branch containing all the history of the development version from and to the next testing state (ex.: 12.0.9).
  • v11: maintenance branch for the version 11, starting from 11.4.0.

The main tags are:

  • stable: the last frozen state of the stable version in the current maintenance branch (ex. 11.4.0).
  • testing: the last frozen state of the development version in the default branch (ex. 12.1.0).

The following names are not really tags but used to identify the code during its enhancements:

  • unstable: the last state of the development version (ex. 12.1.3). It is the head of the default branch.
  • stable-updates: the last state of the stable version (ex. 11.4.2). It is a snapshot between two successive stable versions.