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- Add information about the user-visible effects of PyObjC_PythonToCArray
- Fix bug 853553: Bad path for on Panther

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File pyobjc/Doc/intro.txt

    rowCount, columnCount = matrix.getNumberOfRows_columns_()
+When a function or method has an array of values and the length of that array
+as arguments, you can pass ``None`` as the length. The length of the sequence
+that is used for the array of values is passed to Objective-C as the length
+XXX: Add information about ``array.array`` rules.
+XXX: We don't use the right functions for conversion to C-arrays throughout
+the bridge (yet), the information is therefore not entirely correct.
 When you define methods in a subclass of an Objective-C class, the bridge has
 to tell the Objective-C runtime what the signature of those methods is. The
 basic rule is that all arguments as well as the return value are objects (just

File pyobjc/Doc/tutorial/tutorial.txt

    If you are using Python 2.3 the script is located in ``plat-mac`` instead
    of ``site-packages`` and the command is::
-       $ python2.3 $PYLIB/plat-mac/PyObjC/ --link --nib=MainMenu \
+       $ python2.3 $PYLIB/plat-mac/ --link --nib=MainMenu \
       --resource=MainMenu.nib build
    There are a few things to note: