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Ronald Oussoren  committed c2daa6b

- Added empty __slots__ definition to test-class in test_posing.py, this way
it has some remote change of ever working (without it the class will always
get a new instance variable: __dict__).
- Fixed Cocoa-Python Document-based Application template: bug introduced during
move of NibClassBuilder to PyObjCTools

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File pyobjc/Doc/coding-style.html

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 <li>Add appropriate ReST style fields to the top of the document as comments:<pre>
 # Author: David Goodger
 # Contact: goodger@users.sourceforge.net
-# Revision: $Revision: 1.5 $
-# Date: $Date: 2003/04/19 17:52:21 $
+# Revision: $Revision: 1.6 $
+# Date: $Date: 2003/05/02 18:59:26 $
 # Copyright: This module has been placed in the public domain.

File pyobjc/Lib/objc/test/test_posing.py

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 class TestPosing(unittest.TestCase):
     def testPosing(self):
         class Level1Class(NSObject):
+            __slots__ = ()  # Don't add instance variables, not even __dict__
             def description(self):
                 return "<<subdescrip>> " + super.description()

File pyobjc/Modules/objc/pyobjc.h

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 #define PyDoc_STRVAR(name, str) PyDoc_VAR(name) = PyDoc_STR(str)
-#define OBJC_VERSION "0.9pre1"
+#define OBJC_VERSION "0.9"
 #ifdef MACOSX

File pyobjc/ProjectBuilder Extras/Project Templates/Cocoa-Python Document-based Application/MyDocument.py

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 from PyObjCTools import NibClassBuilder
-class MyDocument(PyObjCTools.AutoBaseClass):
+class MyDocument(NibClassBuilder.AutoBaseClass):
     def init(self):
         self = super(MyDocument, self).init()
         if self: