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DluTwBootstrap (ZF2 module)


DluTwBootstrap is a Zend Framework 2 module facilitating usage of Twitter Bootstrap in ZF2 applications.

If you are new to DluTwBootstrap, first go to to see it in action on-line.

Implemented features


  • All four Twitter Bootstrap form types supported - Horizontal, Vertical, Inline, Search
  • Supported form elements
    • Button
    • Checkbox
    • Csrf
    • File
    • Hidden
    • MultiCheckbox (not supported on Inline and Search forms)
    • Multiselect (not supported on Inline and Search forms)
    • Password
    • Radio (not supported on Inline and Search forms)
    • Reset
    • Select
    • Submit
    • Text
    • Textarea
  • Inline help (hint), block help (description) and placeholder texts are supported with relevant elements
  • Error state and messages (error messages are supported on Horizontal and Vertical forms)
  • Highlighting required fields
  • Prepend / append text to text input
  • Multi-checkbox and radio can be optionally rendered inline
  • Fieldset legend

Supported versions

IMPORTANT: If the module does not seem to work, check the version of your ZF2 library and update to the version and commit specified above.

Installation - manual

  1. Go to your project's directory.
  2. Clone this project into your ./vendor directory as a dlu/dlutwbootstrap module:

    git clone ./vendor/dlu/dlutwbootstrap

  3. Follow the Post installation steps bellow

Installation - with Composer

If you are using Composer in your application to install dependencies, you can use it to facilitate the installation of DluTwBootstrap too.

  1. Go to your project's directory.
  2. Edit your composer.json file and add "dlu/dlutwbootstrap": "dev-master" into require section.
  3. Run php composer.phar install (or php composer.phar update).
  4. Follow the Post installation steps bellow

Post installation steps

  1. Copy everything from <your app>/vendor/dlu/dlutwbootstrap/public to <your app>/public (i.e. Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery css files, js files and images).
  2. Enable the DluTwBootstrap module in your app config file <your app>/config/application.config.php:

    • add './vendor/dlu', under module_paths
    • add 'DluTwBootstrap', under modules
  3. Move from the module's root directory to <your app>/config/autoload directory. This sets the layout script to the one supplied with the module to load all necessary css and js dependencies. (Do not do this if you have your own layout and you already have the Twitter Bootstrap environment set-up properly in your project!)

Check and Demo

To check that you have installed the module properly and to see it in action, install the DluTwBootstrap Demo module. The Demo module is the easiest and quickest way to start working with the DluTwBootstrap module as it clearly shows the rendered output (e.g. a form) 'side by side' with the actual source code used to produce that output. Recommended!