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Dariusz Luksza  committed f10bcdf

Fix GridFSTest on fantom 1.0.61

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     verifyEq(0, gfs.fileList.count, "gridfs isn't empty starting test")
     f := gfs.createFile("tester1")
     data := "allo there"
-    f.save(data.in)
+    f.save(data.toBuf.in)
     verifyEq(f.size, data.size)
     // verify(f.isValid) 
       throw Err("please update fantomongo/test/GridFSTest.testBasic() with a large file that exists on your machine")
     verify(bigfile.size > GridFS.DEFAULT_CHUNK_SIZE, "must be large enough to test multiple chunks")
+    verify(bigfile.mimeType != null, "mime type cannot be null")
     f2 := gfs.createFile("bigfiletest", bigfile.mimeType)
     verifyEq(bigfile.size, f2.size)